Fees & Billing

We charge time-based fees for consultations:

  • A standard consultation is for up to 20 minutes and $80.00.
  • A long consultation is 20-40 minutes and $130.00
  • A prolonged consultation is longer than 40 minutes and $180.00.

All fees are Medicare rebatable at the time of payment.

Payment Type:
We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard. We advise patients to bring a credit card for payment and debit card for their instant rebate using Medicare Easyclaim.

Centrelink Patients:
If you are registered with Centrelink and hold either a valid Health Care Card or Pension Card, we will bulk bill your consultation at no charge.

All school-aged children are bulk billed.

Other Services:
We do home, hotel and aged care facility visits in a radius of two kilometers from the practice. Our charge for a standard home visit is $120.00 up to 20 minutes within business hours.

After-hours or emergency consults are charged at $250.00.