Make an appointment online with your doctor with OzDocsOnline. If you prefer, ring reception on 9358 3066 to book a consultation.

Consultations Overview:

SINGLE CONSULTATION (15-20 mins involving 1 non-complex issue)
• Script
• Blood Pressure Check
• Immunisations

DOUBLE CONSULTATION (20-30 mins involving 1-2 issues, complex issue or issues)
• New Patient Consultation
• Pap Smear
• Annual Check Up
• Full Baby Check
• Complex Personal Issues (which are currently managed – this may extend to an extended consultation at times)

PROLONGED CONSULTATION (greater than 40 mins)
Some issues require long consultation. Typically the following may require a long appointment:
• Multiple Issues – 3 separate issues
• Initial Pregnancy Consultation
• Counselling
• Medical Assessments for Insurance
• Travel Medical